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The Portland Community Arts Council (PCAC) began in 2003 to serve the arts community.  We don’t all make art, but we all help make the arts happen. Much of the work we do is behind the scenes.  A great deal of our time is spent in one-on-one meetings with our members – with artists, advising them on how to write grants, or with organization leaders, helping them plan new programs.  Because of our links within the community, including those in education and economic development, we make the arts part of the community. Below are the mission, vision, and goals that guide us.




  • Promoting awareness of the arts as central to the quality of life and success of the Portland Community.


  • To connect the community by weaving the arts into everyday life


  • To create and foster a dynamic Council for the Arts.
  • To act as a bridge between government, business, and the people of the community.
  • To foster and support artistic and cultural growth and expression throughout the Portland community.
  • To foster recognition that each of us has many talents and that the combination of those talents is what makes the Portland community strong and unique.
  • To promote awareness of the arts as central to the life of the Portland community.
  • To encourage participation in the arts for both individual growth and strengthening the Portland community.
  • To promote through the arts the unique Portland community and its people.


Board of Directors

The Portland Community Arts Council has a dedicated member board of directors.  Click here to read about the board or apply for a future opening on the board.

Grand Dam Arts Center

The Grand Dam Arts Center is our little piece of Heaven on Earth.  For more information, click here.

Events & Activities

We're creating our current event line-up.  Here's what we have so far:  Events & Activities

What's New?

Board Openings

  • Are you interested in building the arts in Portland?  
  • We have openings on our board and would love to hear from you!
  • The PCAC board meets once a month (sometimes a little less often).
  • Send us a message to let us know you're interested.
  • Contact--click here.



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