Woodwind: Song of a Silent Forest

The Portland Community Arts Council has begun selling bricks to raise funds for the installation of Woodwind, the 23’ sculpture to be installed in Toan Park.  Sculptor Mike Pline designed and created the piece, which was displayed in the 2010 Grand Rapids ArtPrize.  

We were deeply saddened to hear that Mike Pline had passed away in March—we’ve lost an incredible talent, and we’re honored to be able to display this piece of art that was obviously so special to him.”

The sculpture will be installed in Toan Park through a partnership between the PCAC, Portland Main Street, the Portland DDA, and the City of Portland.  The DDA and Main Street will install the concrete pad on which the sculpture will rest, and the PCAC will raise funds for an honorarium to be paid to Mr. Pline’s family and for the bronze plaque that will accompany the sculpture. 

The PCAC is seeking a single major donor to sponsor the project for $2,500.  That person or business will be listed on the plaque.  Others who wish to support the project or who wish to create a memorial message to the artist may purchase a 4"x8" brick engraved with a message of their choice.  To download a printable form in PDF format, see below  To complete the form online (and mail your check), click here.

Printable brochure & order form
Use this form to view or print a brochure with more information about the Woodwind sculpture. Or use the convenient online form, and mail your payment.
Woodwind Bricks.pdf
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Sit A Spell

Our first public art project -- Sit a Spell -- was a huge hit.  We sold nine Adirondack chairs and raised money for some of the projects we bring you throughout the year.


We're gearing up for another round.  Are you interested in helping to build chairs?  Are you interested in sponsorning a chair to display outside your business?  Are you an artist who's interested in painting a chair?  Call Director Rush Clement today at 517 980 0863.  Or contact us via email.

Just one of the 2011 Adirondack chairs

Paddlers' Dreams

In 2012, we'll add another element to our public art project -- canoe shelves.  You'll be able to bid on (or vote on) beautiful canoe-shaped shelves for your home, cabin, cottage, or office.


Would you like to help build them this winter?  Would you like to sponsor a piece of art to display outside your business?  Are you an artist with a vision:  a paddler's dream?  Call Director Rush Clement at 517 980 0863, or contact us via email.

"Sit A Spell" launched on the sidewalks of downtown Portland in May 2012.

What's New?

Board openings

Are you interested in building the arts in Portland?  We have openings on our board and would love to hear from you!  The PCAC board meets once a month (sometimes a little less often).  Send us a message to let us know you're interested.  Contact--click here.

Thursdays on the Grand are back!  Click here for the lineup!

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